{ Celebrity + Humanitarian = Celebritarian }

The Celebritarian of the Month is: JOHN LEGEND.


John Legend is more than a singer and songwriter. He is a soul-filled soft, but far reaching voice for children in need around the world, who cannot – due to no fault of their own – speak loud enough to be heard.

As an activist and humanitarian, he freely uses his global reaching platform to educate the public on social injustices and to raise money for causes close to his heart.

One such cause is his undying devotion to ensuring that every child in the nation is given not just a good education, but access to teachers who are inspired to teach children, who do not yet realize, how good it is to learn. The teacher – student relationship, as he sees it, goes both ways. With that mission in mind, Legend is devoting his time and resources to telling the world how much can be gained when we invest in today’s youth who will become tomorrow’s leaders.

This month, we honor the Oscar, Grammy and BET award winning music superstar by sharing a focused selection of his speeches on the importance of supporting the fragile, but salvageable, teacher and student relationship that is currently in crisis in many inner city areas across the country.

After watching and learning how our education system can benefit from not just donations but a grassroots effort of parents, teachers and community leaders willing to come together for the cause, consider volunteering, or helping in any way you can to ensure that every child in the country has a fair chance to learn their full potential and shine.

1) Hear inspiring leaders on the topic of learning in this TED project hosted by John Legend.

2) John Legend on Education and Child Poverty

3) John Legend on the Responsibility of Being a Celebrity

4) John Legend on Teachers and Cultivating Talent

5) John Legend Praises Harlem Village Academy Public Charter School

6) John Legend’s Definition of Philanthropy

To learn more about the important work that John Legend is doing with at risk children and our education system, visit his foundation website: Show Me Campaign: here

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